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House I built right after Queenstown was released in 2011!
(I ran out of money by the time I got upstairs -ha!)

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engrampixels replied to your post: engrampixels said to tipto…

I’m really hoping that a simple mod that does a LTW check and gives the appropriate job and partner check and gives an auto-baby is possible. Not even FULL story progression, but at least something that simulates LIFE in the world.

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Sims 2 Let’s Play!


I changed my intro pic b/c I really hated the other one *snort*-okay im for real going to bed now *falls over*


Sims 2 Let’s Play!


I changed my intro pic b/c I really hated the other one *snort*
-okay im for real going to bed now *falls over*

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Feel free to post this. I just had more to say and ran out of room in comments. The weirdest thing they have done is to make the sims in the whole world age. Why? If they’re not having kids and not getting jobs, then at least let them have the chance to have the kids or job rather than die before their rotation comes around. I realise that not *everyone* wants or can kids. Not all of my sims do. But having a population that gets old before I have the chance to play them makes me sad.
To be fair, I didn’t like having creepy great uncle Bob hanging around for several generations, living in his bachelor pad and flirting with the new generation of hot young things, either. But those who played rotationally, would give Bob a life beyond being the neighbourhood creeper. Like you, I love having sims moving out into the Sims 3 worlds and being able to visit with the extended family. Taking that away - it just feels wrong. I hope there is a mod that creates SP for TS4.

100% agree with you -as usual!  
The aging & no life progression is just WEIRD!!

I’m worried about an SP mod for this game though.  At least with TS3 there was a base to build off of & like… CASt for example, there is no core to build off of so I do not think there is any way for modders to add that in at any time.  

So would it be the same sorta thing with having no real SP in game?

& to most of us, Story Progression is not sims aging, it’s actual life progression with jobs, family, etc.  I cannot play TS3 without Nraas SP in my game, it’s just not fun! I want to know what’s going on around me, & like all the simblrs here -some of the greatest LOLs & WTF moments come from SP!!  It just brings the game ALIVE!

& with the TS4 team going on & on & on & on & onnnnnnn about EMOTIONS! You would think taking out something that brings emotions & LIFE to the game would be a huge No No No!

but this is an EA team :P

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Hi there, just wondering if you knew anything about the traveler mod from nraas? Like if it will work without World Adventures but with University or Into the future instead? I tried to figure it out on the site, but got confused by all the FAQ answers. Thanks!


Um, since I’ve always had WA I can’t answer if it would work without it.  & I’ve never used it with Uni world or ITF one :/ But I have used it loads for regular worlds & highly recommend it if it will work for you without WA.

Does anyone have an answer these questions?

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engrampixels replied to your post: sims 4 story progression chatter

I feel the same way. I used to get super stressed out about having to micromanage all families in a hood. I know a lot of people enjoy rotational gameplay. I am one of the ones who do not. I wish there was a choice to have SP or rotational play.

Yesss, omg exactly that, it stresses me out trying to make everything ‘perfect’ so families continue & just UGH!

Like my FAVORITE, all time FAV legacy is the one I have been blogging about in my nostalgia posts lately.  The BEST thing about it, was how big the family got without me doing anything, how my founder could go around visiting her grandbabies & just ugh it was so cute running into the extended family at festivals & just :( :( :( :( I loved how they had lives outside my household that progressed.



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There will be story progression in Sims 4, just less than what Sims 3 had. Sims outside of your playable sims will still age if you want them too, they just won't do much else with their lives like have babies, change jobs, get married, etc.

(I normally never publish non-anon asks, but since this relates so heavily to what I posted I am - hope that is okay since I wanted to clarify in case others misunderstood too!  Typing @ night means I am even worse @ explaining myself -ha!)


Yeah, that is what I was talking about, “…when my sims kids marry & have kids on their own & I can take them to see their grandkids & great-grandkids without micro-managing everything in their lives."  

That is what I want, love & need to really fully 100% enjoy playing sim families.  Without that it becomes work & what I ended up doing in TS2 was just never letting my sims have more than 1 or 2 children so I could simply play on ONE lot.  I even would build on the largest lot & make 2 houses (lol) so each ‘family’ could have their own place while living their lives to the fullest. :/

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sims 4 story progression chatter

You know, at first I was super thrilled for the whole traveling between worlds thing… but just thinking about it today I am suddenly really sad about this.  Is this one of the reasons we are not going to have Story Progression?  Or something they added in since we will not have it?

B/c you can keep your traveling between worlds if you just give us story progression.  I am really fine with no toddlers, no pools, no CASt -I can deal with all that (& I know they will add in todds & pools later).  But I do NOT want to go back to TS2 w/no SP.

SP is what makes playing legacies so fun!  I hated how, in TS2, when you moved your child out… that was it.  Unless you wanted to end up playing multiple houses ALWAYS, your family never ages with you :(  & I play one family at a time -always.  It’s just how I play, & my favorite thing is when my sims kids marry & have kids on their own & I can take them to see their grandkids & great-grandkids without micro-managing everything in their lives.

I dunno, I just wish they would give us an option to have it on or off.  & what about if you want a fantasy world… will those weird sims suddenly pop up in your non-fantasy one?  

I dunno, just my thoughts as I lay here falling asleep -lol!  & maybe I’m super wrong & they ARE giving us SP??  Really hope I’m wrong & have been given bad information!

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I spent all my money on this whole outfit bc clearly that is most important part of this game :X

I spent all my money on this whole outfit bc clearly that is most important part of this game :X

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