I was tagged earlier to post my desktop :)
No cleaning, no changing, this is just how it always is *nod*

Also I’m trying to avoid programming work right now b/c I’m so freaking tired & getting over strep throat & dealing with cramps & PMS right now & just UGH I NEED A BREAK SO BAD I AM ALMOST IN TEARS RIGHT NOW!

hiatus until I get well

I’m already behind on schoolwork & still can’t speak, so short hiatus from posting until my body cools itself down -ha.

Sarah & Joe from my new TS4 Homeless Challenge!

Clara got a makeover after getting engaged!

Clara is so happy right now <3



looket my ring <3


Celebrating good woohoo *gigglesnort*

beebees again <3




in this pool i’m gonna jump like this: SHUAAAAAAAAAAAA
picture by Thiago Fukuoka on TH3 S1MS facebook group

This is hilarious! XD

I dunno how good this spicy hot gumbo is for my throat…

but it sure as hell feels like heaven going down my strep throat!

Anonymous asked:
Are you leaving ts3? :(

Oh yes, a few weeks ago TS3 totally borked for me -& that was the last straw, I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I cannot tell you the number of times it messed up so badly that a reinstall was required, & I just lost patience with that incredibly buggy game :/ 

Anonymous asked:
wat mods do u use for your hawke's face and hair?

Here you go :)  & if you ever need the link in the future, it’s under every episode of my Let’s Play :D