I’m a bit happier with TS4 Bo now :)

breakfast :X

Someone asked to see Clara's mom, my TS4 version of TS3 Bo - from my Bradbury legacy if anyone remembers it :)

She is still kinda a WIP, I’m not really satisfied, recreating sims is hardz!


(Hi, I didn’t die!)

In prep for the release “tomorrow” (I might be in Japan but that doesn’t stop me), I remade my sim Kensuke that I made for tiptoesims and her Bradbury legacy… and his pain in the ass sister, Rei.

I find my ability with men in TS4 barely adequate.

YESSSSS!!!!!! *dances around*  & now that I have remade Bo I will be able to make a REAL Clara!! *wiggles everywhere*

Sims 4 Goodies | Episode 9
Last Episode before TS4 comes out! AHHH!!!

I may have changed my theme again *cough*

Newlyweds bout to heat things up even more in the sauna!

Newlyweds playin’ in the sand (✿◠‿◠)



Meanwhile, Findell…

meanwhile, at my house



The dash is dead, you guys know the drill.

my dash is so alive

TS4 on sale///



Half off (pretty much) of The Sims 4 here, https://www.g2a.com/weeklysale I still can’t get it but I thought for those who just needed it a little cheaper might be able to snag it up. 

Just need to pay with PayPal I believe. 

Good to know, for those that still need/want to order it!

Anonymous asked:
Any sims 4 blogs you recommend following?

Do you mean simple tumblrs or CC blogs?  I recommend following mysims4blog for your CC needs, it features all the great creators, & from there you can follow their tumblrs/other blogs :D

If you mean just regular tumblrs, then you should def stalk the sims 4 tag, that is how I have found so many blogs to follow! <3

Anonymous asked:
is it possible to get the preload while banned? apparently on my account, there was a glitch yesterday and it got banned while I was at a football game. i messaged them a couple hours ago, but i don't think a reply will come any time soon :(

I have no clue about anything to do with being banned.  Do you mean from the Sims website?  Or… Origin?  Can you even GET banned from Origin?  I don’t think you can, so it should be fine :)

TS2 Mods List

FINALLY got around to this, I’ve been asked multiple times every week & always forget *flops*

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