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woohooray replied to your post: Elder Anora from 2011-wish I had take…

Damn she got hella busy tho

lolol, ikr she totally was!  She was hands down the most fun I’ve ever had playing sims *gigglesnort*

Elder Anora from 2011
-wish I had taken a more updated pic of her family tree, it had grown before her death :)


Your first love that you’ll never forget:


That love from the past that you’ve recently rekindled:


That love you had plenty of issues with, but still enjoyed at the time. Now looking back it was a lot more problematic than you realized:


That new, exciting love that you’re still in the discovery phase of:


Sims 2 Let’s Play | Part 3 | The Pleasants 

serene dining


The dog was looking out the window and then I had the walls down and it was too perfect to pass up. 

Anonymous said:
Hi, can you tell me where did you found the previous theme you used? I loved it but I can't find anywhere.

If you are talking about the one that is still on my main blog tiptoehappiness, then it’s this one :)  If not then I have no clue b/c I have changed my theme like 3 times this week -lolol!

narrow kitchen

I always loved this nursery!

THANK YOU! For all your awesome support of my channel!! <3 <3 <3  I am floored & excited & just wanna dance around… meebee I will -BRB GOING TO BOP AROUND MY ROOM!

Simple rooms for the children/teens in my 2011 home

a study


I’m watching this B-movie Sleeping Beauty & I keep cracking up b/c @ this party they keep showing up close shots of the musicians ‘playing’ music… yet the instruments are crazy fake & the people are like strumming them & just lmao WHY THEY DOING UP CLOSE SHOTS!? *gigglesnort*

I like decorating bathrooms & laundry rooms :X

Anonymous said:
if you're still doing the asky thing; 14 & 16!

I ammmm! *wiggles*

14: Do I have a crush 

I currently have 7 crushes, their names are Alistair, Cullen, Zevran, Anders, Fenris, Varric & Iron Bull. OooOOoo yeahhhh~~~


16: Favorite place 

Anywhere my laptop is & no other human is allowed entrance!