im so sick right now. lol omfg *flails*

Bradbury Legacy | Gen One | Part 29 | Legacy Building Pt. 2 

First episode on my new computer -whee!!
ALSO: I need your help in this vid -so let me know what you think! :D

Anonymous asked:
i don't understand mods :(

What do you mean, anon?  Do you need help knowing how to download/install?  You posted this to my simblr ask box so I’m assuming this is for sims?  



Quick Image of Pools in TS4 Shared by Lyndsay Pearson

That’s what I was talking about! Everyone freaking out about pools and toddlers and it was pretty obvious they were going to add them/it later in the game!.

Watching tiptoehappiness’ LP and paintin’~
This was my morning, first day back to work after a week of clearing and cleaning.. Also new desk and my computer set up :D

omg WHEE!, that is so cool to see <3 <3 <3

I’m in no way an expert, but here is the often asked question, “How do you edit?”  Answer?  QUICKLY! lol!


  • Me:OH, I need fonts on my new computer -whee!
  • Me:*5 hours later* WHAT HAVE I DOOONNNEEEEE!?!?
  • so i dunno if you guys remember…


    back in april i injured my back & neck really bad (my parents had a faulty tall bar stool that fell apart with me on it -lmao) & I had to be on pain killers & muscle relaxers for ages.

    Since then my neck hurts every day at base of skull -a dull throb I ignore & don’t even think of really.  & back gives me a few twinges every now & then, but meh, no big deal.

    Anyway!  So yesterday lugging in big computer & bending over lots & tugging it this way & that all day sorting plugs & stuff… has apparently aggravated it all!  Back was annoying me last night, then today I was groaning as I got out of bed… & as day worn on it’s gotten worse & worse & worse until I can barely move!  So now I’m all miserable & stuff & just wanted to share my pain! *cries*


    Anonymous asked:
    hello!! idk if this is a glitch but in my game (TS4) if my sims has a boy as their first born, all the children she has after that are also boys :// has this happened to you? (this sounds ridiculous omg I apologise)

    Oh gosh I don’t know, I know in a previous test save my sims had 3 girls back2back, but not sure if that is normal or a fluke?  I have heard some people complaining about 100% same gender all the time -boys like you.

    Maybe someone else can offer some advice?

    Bradbury Legacy | Gen One | Part 28 | Legacy Building Pt. 1 

    guys. guys. guys!


    So new computer + new headset = FREAKING AMAZEBALLS!

    I’ve had my computer for 2 days, but this is first time I’ve been able to actually do any testing/playing… & whoa.  WHOA! WHOAAAA!!!


    Anonymous asked:
    you probably get asked this alot but i don't suppose you could link me to your dragon age 2 and skyrim mod list? I've been trying to find them :(

    I’m running out the door in a hurry, but my da2 list is in my youtube vid description -all of them. :)  skyrim is under tiptoehappiness tumblr tagged mods -its old, new one not complete! <3

    tomorrows goals for new comp:


    1. get all the mods back in all my games.


    60” of tiptoehappiness LP ♥♥

    please ignore the mess on the floor.

    whooOoOaaaAaa!!!  That is some large viewing! I FEEL SO SPECIAL!!!
    & lulz, you def have a child… & sadly it’s what my floor looks like with 2 dogs who love to play *snort* I HAVE NO EXCUSE, U DO!


    Currently installing 10 games back2back…
    … yeah, this will take all day! LOL!